When you book Boulevard Big Band there are a few things we request, which we aim to cover here. However, we know each event is unique so we are happy to discuss any requirements with you via our contact form or you can call us on the number above.

How much space do you need?
If in doubt, we can come and have a look at the venue to make sure but as a rule: If performing on-stage, it must be no smaller than 20ft wide x 15ft deep, with height clearance from stage floor to ceiling of at least 8ft. It must also have a safe means of access (e.g. steps). Because of the number of performers and layout of some venues, our players are sometimes positioned partially or totally on the floor. We would prefer an area of at least 6ft x 6ft for location of front of house mixing desk, positioned between 25-50ft from, and with a clear unobstructed view of the stage. We can be flexible with this arrangement to suit the type of event and any constraints associated with the venue. We will agree this with you in plenty of time before your event.
What equipment do you need?
If you are unsure what the venue provides, please contact us to discuss. We need a power supply with a total of 32A, 230 volts, single phase AC, with a minimum of 4 x 13A or 16A sockets, positioned on or within 10ft of stage. This circuit, phase or ring main must be for our sole use at time of performance and not shared at any time with DJ’s, domestic or catering/bar equipment. The supply must be properly regulated and grounded in accordance with all current electrical regulations. If you provide the PA system, we may ask you to agree to us designating a representative to control the equipment.
What about venue access?
We will need some space to get changed in and to safely leave instrument cases and personal belongings, with access to toilet facilities and drinking water. We also need seating for 15 persons where we perform. Ideally, we would like space for at least one transit vehicle to load/unload, with direct access to the performance area.
Anything else?
Every event is different and personal, which is why we encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements. There is no obligation, we just want to be honest about how we can make your occasion truly special before you book.